Our own platforms

We adapt to each need and develop our own platforms to facilitate the work of motor communicators as well as the brands we work with. We have carefully thought out each of them to achieve the most useful and efficient results by professionalizing and automating processes.

These exclusive APPs, born from the agency’s experience, cover some of the most important services we offer to our clients: communication, clipping, influencer marketing, and fleet management.

Distintas capturas de pantalla del funcionamiento de la herramienta MG Clipping
Logotipo MG Clipping

MG Clipping


  • User-friendly
  • Save time
  • Customised look and feel
  • Segmented search filters
  • Statistics
  • Possibility of economic valuation
  • Daily backups
Logotipo Medismailing

Medis Mailing


  • A specific app for sending press releases
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Update, organise and keep your contacts safe
  • Complete sending statistics
  • Multiplatform and multilanguage
  • Integral customer management in a single tool
  • Fully customisable and automatable
Montaje fotografico de la herramienta Medismailing



  • Create successful campaigns for products and brands.
  • All projects are turnkey.
  • Reach the target audience directly.
  • Increase sales and build branding.
  • Result reports on the impact of campaigns.



  • Increase and improve your brand’s image, thanks to the professionalization of the service.
  • Storage of vehicles in our facilities with 24-hour surveillance.
  • A 100% available professional team ensuring the good condition of motorcycles at all times.
  • Support throughout the process, from proposal launch to publication follow-up, by a team with a close relationship with the press and influencers in the motorcycle world.
  • Maintenance of motorcycles before and after tests to keep them in top condition: Cleaning, fuel, and technical details.
  • Delivery of a briefing on the operation, as well as photos and product description.
  • Autonomous, agile, and simple process for testers.
  • Report, clipping, and economic assessment.