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Communications and PR

The right message is retained

Our aim is to get you to convey the right messages to your audience to grab their attention and establish the evocative experiences proposed by your company, brand, products or services in their conscience.

But communication isn’t just a matter of creating messages; to a large extent it’s about public relations with the main actors that dominate the channels where messages are broadcast. At Medis Grupo, you’ll find an agency specialised in corporate communication that can handle this entire important communication process from the strategic planning stage to execution.

Strategic communication consulting

We study your needs, the market context and the competition and we work together with you to offer you a full, effective communication plan to meet your objectives.

Media relations

We deal with media professionals in a personalised way; we strengthen ties with them and approach them through different channels.

Writing and sending press releases

We write press releases according to our clients’ tone of voice. We adapt business content by making it newsworthy and interesting for the media.

Press conferences

We get in touch with the media to invite them to attend different types of events. We follow up and confirm attendance.

Brand and reputation management

We make sure that we convey exactly what you want to communicate and we help manage your brand image. We create the ideal communicative ecosystem before a product launch.

Follow up, analysis and press clipping

We identify, collect and value our clients’ media appearances, including those in printed matter, online and on social networks.

Planning, negotiation and media management

We manage your brand’s advertising and promotion budget by negotiating the most favourable conditions with regards to financial terms and planned media appearances.

Brand/product launch plan

We analyse the brands, image, and product as well as their objectives and we accompany them every step of the way to the audience, taking care of every detail to ensure that its presentation is unique and that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Product placement

Thanks to its media positioning, we take control of the product through articles, reports, photo shoots and tests until it’s popularised.

Video and photography

We produce customised audiovisual projects and offer a professional, specialised service which conveys and promotes the brand’s main values and its product range.

Corporate advertising design

We look for the best graphic line with creativity and design and we identify the right target audience to whom we direct the brand’s most valuable, important messages.


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